Making in-person events more efficient, impactful and profitable

Slashing no-show rates, increasing feedback scores,
and saving you and your team from all that busy work

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Why use Meet in 10?

Combining the magic of in person with the efficiency of online networking.

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Increase profits

Higher attendance creates a flywheel for sponsorship, higher feedback scores, and referrals, in addition to earned media through social posting.

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Strengthen community

Engaged attendees will keep returning to your events and community, staying connected between-times and referring like-minded individuals.

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Do less busywork

Ever get asked… “Can you intro me?” “Who should i speak to?” “What was the name of….”?
Meet in 10 handles all of this - so you can stay focussed on the big picture.

Use cases

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Coworking spaces

Automatically introduce members with similar goals, and mutual professional interests.
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Events & conferences

Increase attendance, and deliver greater value, by removing the guess-work out of networking.
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Members clubs

Minimize the effort needed to foster the key connections that make your group thrive.
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Not for profits

Bringing members together in-person, strengthens your community and increases your impact.
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Enterprise businesses

Decrease employee turnover and efficiency, by improving communication and strengthening community.

What you can do with Meet in 10

Build engagement and loyalty in a fraction of the time.

Link users based on their pressing business needs

Connecting individuals with mutual interests, makes their time with you even more efficient, increasing business impact.

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App UI abstraction of an event set up.

Hands-off event hosting

Don’t let events bog you down. The Meet in 10 platform facilitates member and attendee networking, so you can focus on your most important tasks.

Generate brand buzz and awareness

Facilitate social sharing during and after events, by providing prompts and tags that can be shared instantly - without any heavy lifting from the attendees

App UI abstraction of a introduction between professionals.

How Meet in 10 leads to revenue growth

The stronger the community ties, the faster your growth compounds

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More upsell opportunities

Engaged, active members and attendees are more likely to be interested in buying or donating additional products and services.

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Higher retention

Meet in 10 users keep coming back. Whether that's to your event, or coworking space, they love being a part of what you do.

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More referrals

By achieving their goals faster, and feeling more conected, members and attendees naturally introduce others to your communities and events.

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Reduce your expenses

With less admin and “busy” work, and improved efficiencies, you'll identify time and financial savings across the board.

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