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Increasing employee collaboration and retention

We connect employees within companies, to increase community, collaboration and respect, and reduce tensions and turnover.

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Increase retention with in-person communities

Employees with work friends are 7x more engaged and 50% more satisfied with work.

Meet in 10 supports a stronger and more productive workplace, by proactively connecting employees across the organisation, removing silos and increasing respect and collaboration.

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Benefits for organisations

Increased profits

The compound effect of a more engaged and productive staff all roll up into a healthier bottom line. With a stronger financial footing, you can focus more on what matters most to your company’s mission and boosting it’s overall impact.

Talent attraction and retention

Attract top talent and retain your best employees by offering them access to a vibrant professional network. Show potential hires that your organization is committed to their growth and development

Improved collaboration and productivity

By encouraging people to connect and learn about different roles and backgrounds, you boost employee understanding and respect, which promotes greater psychological safety and performance across the organisation.

New business referrals

Employees that feel connected and engaged, are more likely to speak highly of the organisation. Supporting both recruitment efforts, but more importantly acting as a marketing and referral engine that drives business development.

How it works

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Decide how members or attendees meet

Choose from pre-built events, or create your own....

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10-minute speed intros

A wrench icon

Industry specific group meetups

An icon of two people

Spontaneous water cooler conversations

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A QR code to sign up for Meet in 10
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Invite people to sign up.

Members/attendees register.

They choose how they want to connect.

Our algorithms identify others in the community with similar interests.

They receive a personalized introduction, and conversation starters to break the ice

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Members meet, connect and return for more events.

New connections increase the value of their network.

Reduces the stress of walking into a room without knowing anyone.

You gain a more engaged and satisfied audience.

They share their experience and encourage peers to join.

All without you having to coordinate a thing!

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Got a question? Answers to the most common ones we hear are below

How do I get started?

Let’s jump on a call.
We’d love to get to know you, your company, and the challenges you are looking to solve. After that we can give you a demo, help you select the right package and get you set up.

How long does it take to set up?

A matter of hours.
After our initial kick off call, to understand your priorities and learn about your engagement goals, our team will set up your account.Within 72 hours, your account will be active, and you'll be ready to start onboarding and engaging members.

How much does it cost?

It's a straight forward monthly fee, based on the number of "intro's you send a month.This means prices can start from as little as $0.10, depending on the number of intro’s you wish to send per month.All new clients receive one free round of intro’s to test the platform, and decide on the volume of intro’s that make the most sense for them.

When will we see results?

Clients typically hear feedback as soon as the platform launches. Expect to hear people exclaiming “You're my person”, when meeting their intro for the first time.The full benefits are realised once all of your members are onboarded, and are fully engaged in the platform - the more a client supports this by highlighting the benefits to their members, the quicker this typically happens.

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