About Meet in 10

We’re fervent believers of the positive impact in-person collaboration has on business growth, yet networking IRL has fundamental issues for both organisers and attendees alike, so we set out to change that!
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Meet in 10's Mission

"Making in-person events more impactful and profitable"

Having organized hundreds of events across NYC, we understand the magic of physical gatherings. However... these events can be frustratingly inefficient for both organizers and attendees. 

Our solutions address challenges such as:

  • Managing no-shows
  • Eliminating busy work for teams
  • Facilitating meaningful introductions between attendees
  • Supporting introverts and extroverts alike
  • Encouraging social sharing and referrals
  • Engaging your members and audience between events. 

If your organization values the value of in-person networking but aims to increase profit and boost impact, Meet in 10 is the solution for you.

A photo of Tori Hanson, the founder of Meet in 10.
Tori Hanson

Founder's Story

Before I caught the startup bug, I worked in media - building businesses for notable companies like The New York Times.

To immerse myself in all things startup, I began hosting events for founders. One turned into two, and quickly hundreds, giving rise to the Knowledge Shop community.

However, organising events is tough—tons of "busy" work, worries about attendance, support for introverts, and post event engagement.

Meet in 10 emerged from these challenges to improve the event experience for both organizers and attendees.

P.S. - In case you haven't guessed from the spelling, I'm a Brit, hope you can humour me 😉

Curious to see how you could use Meet in 10?

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